Technology Order Form

The Learning and Performance Support (LAPS) team and Dean’s Fiscal Office with input from members of the COE Administrative Services Support Committee (ASSC) have developed a process and a form for ordering new technology in the College of Education. Technology purchases include, computers, iPads, monitors, printers, cell phones, hard drives, etc. A copy of the new form is attached. The form can also be accessed on the COE website at under “Tech Support (LAPS).” This form will also be used for ordering software available under MU contracts at discounted prices (Adobe, Nvivo, SPSS, etc) The website listing contracted software is LAPS can advise you on purchasing and installing other software purchased through normal departmental processes.

The new process for ordering technology (computers, iPads, monitors, printers, cell phones, hard drives, MU contracted software,etc.) is:
1. Call or email LAPS (884-3333; if you need help deciding what to order.
2. Complete LAPS Technology Form (attached). Also, available at the LAPS website. Boxes in RED must be completed.
3. Click PRINT if you would like to keep a copy of the form.
4. When order information is complete, the requestor will click the SEND button. An email with the completed form will automatically open. It will need to be addressed to the authorized fiscal signer on the account.
5. Upon receiving the email with the completed form, the authorized signer will review to ensure that the appropriate administrative superior has approved and that funding is correct. If information is correct, the fiscal approver will click APPROVE to forward to LAPS. If not, the funding will be adjusted and then approved.
6. LAPS will place the order. When items are received, a workorder will be created to set up or install the equipment and paperwork will be forwarded to the department.
7. LAPS will log in computer purchases in the computer database, and department fiscal staff will log the technology purchases on their inventory lists and/or employee checklist and reconcile the expenditure.

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